Frequently Asked Questions


We see how excited people are to hear a great story that also connects with their sense of place. The MapsFM mission is to make those stories easier to find.


MapsFM stories are carefully curated so the stories you select from the map have been reviewed by a real person! You can be part of the MapsFM community to help bring these great stories forward. Just reach out to


Of the 30 million+ podcast episodes, around 5-10% are related to a place. Apple has 19 podcast categories, so MapsFM is like adding a whole new category. So think News, History, Sports….and now MapsFM! Plus add to those numbers public radio stories (see next item).


Shorter public radio pieces are typically not released as podcast episodes. We think that’s a loss to listeners since those stories are consistently interesting, important, of high quality and often relate to a place that can be put on a map. Public radio reporters have spent years in study and honing their craft. We love their work and much of it is timeless.


You are welcome to contribute more stories to MapsFM. To start, please just send the URL or the story, either podcast episode or radio piece. Click here to submit your story.


MapsFM started with podcasters, developed for all podcasters and listeners. We realized that if an audio story is somehow connected to a place, finding it on a map is a great new way of discovery. We’re having a lot of fun putting those things together. If you’d like to learn more, and perhaps be a part of the team, please let us know at


MapsFM is FREE. There are fees for organizations with high usage presenting MapsFM on their own sites. Contact for more information.


We were drawn to MapsFM through our StoriesHere podcast. We came to that from volunteer work at museums and nature centers. StoriesHere episodes are conversations with leaders of museums of all kinds, and more.


Our mission is to map the world’s great audio stories so that it’s easy for you to ‘listen by location*’. We’re looking for partners, contributors, editors and others to help. Contact Wayne Parker at for more information.

* Credit KLCC radio for the ‘Listen by Location’ phrase. Thanks Jason!